All current Probba members are invited to join Probba's 30th Grand Annual Ball celebrations. The price for one ticket is 100€ and the sign-up will begin on October 4th at 18:00. There are limited spots available so please sign up as soon as possible in order to secure a spot. The ticket includes both the Grand Annual Ball on the 2nd of November and the herring breakfast on the 3rd of November.

Although it is highly recommended to have an avec from our program, Probba's members are allowed to bring avecs outside the program. The ticket for non-members is 130€. Please note that non-members may only sign up if their avec has a ticket. Therefore, it is important for you to sign up first before completing you avec's sign-up. You may include a seating preference, which will be taken into account.

You can buy a ticket to the Grand Annual Ball through a sign-up link that will be posted in the Facebook event. You can only buy a ticket for yourself and for your avec. The sign-up is personal and binding. In case of any questions or if you wish to let go of your ticket, please contact the Master of Ceremonies Katri Vartia (